University (Round 2)

Learning is a massive part of who I am. It’s important for me to feel as though I’m learning not only in my career but growing as person. One of my goals for this Trimester was to be organised, which I failed miserably at. Glutton for punishment? I don’t really like tasks that aren’t hard for me to attain. When people ask me whether I’m insane going back to Uni with two kids and working full time… probably, but this is my domain. I love a challenge and if I’m honest I’ve been bored lately. I can’t say that this trimester hit the spot I’m craving, but it definitely helped me. However leaving things to the last minute definitely does not help my anxiety, so although I’m loving the pressure I come out the other side fairly burnt out. Next Trimester I will try harder to somewhat adult.

My Second goal? Make a friend. Anxiety makes making friends very difficult. I tend to make friends with people who are conversationalists and say hello first. I struggle to go out of my way to start conversations with people. I don’t want to annoy them… and I’m just generally an awkward as fuck person. So people who can talk and make the effort are my kind of people. I have absolutely lost friends because they didn’t make an effort and I just assumed they didn’t like me anymore. I have a couple of friends who I know what they’re like and I know I have to make an effort with, but we’re already close and those relationships started in situations where you don’t have to make effort to see them (school and work). My first round of Uni, I met people, people that I liked, but I really missed an opportunity. This time I wanted to make an effort to make meaningful connections. I think I did do this. I definitely hope I’ve made at least one connection so I’m happy with that. As an improvement though I am considering group study groups, which I absolutely hate the idea of, but it’s good to do things that scare us.

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