What is the kind thing you’ve done for someone else today? Research shows that if we do something kind for someone else they’re 3 times more likely to reciprocate that behaviour towards someone else. If you drop money into a hat or instrument case, those who saw you are 3 times more likely to mimic your kindness. Be the kindness you want to see in the world. Stop and look around you. Don’t assume that the person driving beside you in the merge lane is an asshole, maybe their running late for something really important, maybe they’re lost, or maybe they are an asshole, but behaving like an asshole to an asshole only perpetuates the behaviour. How much does letting that person in really impact on you? How much does getting worked up about some asshole cutting impact on you? Choose what you let affect you. Let people in. Ask if the person looking around the coffee shop for a seat if they would like to sit with you. If I see with people with kids looking for a seat in a busy spot, I will always give up my table and share a table with someone else. Just taking the tiniest amount of energy to look up around you and notice if someone needs something. I always offer to take photos for people takings selfies. I love the memories I have captured in photos. I love giving that back to others. This morning on the bus a lady was sniffing, I handed her a tissue. Why do I carry tissues? Because I’ve been in that exact situation. I asked if she’d like a tissue. I handed her my tissues. And she had the biggest smile on her face. The other day I saw a lady looking confused around our building. I just asked her if she was ok, she was late for an interview and couldn’t figure out where she needed to go. I showed her, put her in a lift. She beamed at me through nervousness. Be the person you would need if you’re lost or tired. I saw a gentleman tap a guy who fell asleep on the bus and let him know his stop was coming up. Maybe he’d noticed that person previously got off his stop with him, all he did was pay attention to the people around him and the other guy was so grateful. Imagine the impact missing his stop would have had on his day. You have the ability to impact on another person’s life. This is something I try to bring to my awareness before I leave the house in the morning. You get to choose to have a positive impact. Whether you influence another person to be kinder to others around them is entirely up to the kind of person you choose to be. Not only do you create a kinder world, it’s in your self-interest. When you’re kind and generous it makes you feel good about yourself. We’re social beings. Keeping in mind that some people just lack the emotional maturity to deal with others and use nastiness as a defense, that’s on them. Don’t take that on yourself. And while you’re being kinder to others, be kinder to yourself. You’re just human too.  

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