Fucks Given

Sometimes I handle my anxiety with yoga, mindfulness and anxiety soothing techniques.. sometimes I handle it with wine, sarcasm and telling people to fuck off. Settle in for a lot of F bombs. One of the most important things I’ve learnt is my anxiety directly impacts how many fucks I can give. There are only so many things you can put on your plate when you’re dealing with anxiety. The idea of fucks given is to limit the amount of things you’re allowed to put on your plate. Give yourself a hard limit. Five fucks is enough fucks for one day (trust me it is). Once you hit your limit, if something else comes up it doesn’t matter you’re not allowed to care. It’s tomorrow’s problem, because you’ve maxed out your fucks. Conserving your fucks is important to your mental health and well-being therefore, it’s an essential skill. Learn how much energy you have and what that means for how many things you can put on your plate today. If you can only give two fucks, that’s ok, because not burning out is the aim of the game. It takes twice as long to recover from burn out as it did to actually burn out. If you think you don’t have time now? Then you definitely don’t have have time to recover from burn out! Set yourself limits! Set yourself limits with things and people… Some people just aren’t good for my anxiety. So for my mental health, I had to learn not to reply, to walk away from a conversation, to say no! I’ve had people in my house and just said I need to go to bed, goodnight. Got up, had a shower, went to bed. I’m important! My mental health is important! Important enough for me to put it first. Friends get that, because they know if I was ok I would have sat there until someone decided to leave, but I wasn’t ok. And that’s ok too. Set your fucks given limit. It will help you learn when you’re pushing yourself too far and you’ll know when you’ve reached your limit. Your limit is not burn out! Your limit is not stressed… you should never get more worked up. If at the end of the day you’re anxiety is worse you probably gave too many fucks. This isn’t about not doing things, anxiety has destroying motivation down, this is how many things you can care, stress and worry over. Take a big breath and say I’ve used up all my fucks today, that’s tomorrow’s fuck.

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